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Sustainable Success: Balancing High Performance and Wellbeing

In a world that often glorifies hustle and high performance, finding the delicate equilibrium between achieving professional excellence and maintaining personal well-being is essential for sustainable success. This keynote explores the art of balancing ambition with self-care, offering insights into the critical interplay between high performance and overall well-being.

Audiences will embark on a transformative journey, discovering practical strategies to enhance productivity without succumbing to burnout.  Sustainable Success: Building High Performance and Well-being delves into the importance of self-awareness, stress management, and intentional decision-making in achieving sustained success. Drawing from real-world examples and research-backed practices, La'Vista will share actionable steps for creating a work-life harmony that fuels both professional achievement and personal fulfillment.

Participants will leave empowered with a newfound understanding of their own limits, armed with tools to navigate the demands of a high-performance environment without compromising their health or happiness. This keynote is a compass for those seeking a path to sustainable success, where success is not just measured by accomplishments, but by the enduring well-being that accompanies it.

We'll explore: 

Understanding the Interplay: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic relationship between high performance and personal well-being and recognize the impact one has on the other.

Self-Awareness and Boundaries: Develop heightened self-awareness to recognize personal limits and establish healthy boundaries to prevent burnout and maintain long-term well-being.

Practical Stress Management: Acquire practical stress management techniques that can be seamlessly integrated into a high-performance lifestyle, fostering resilience and mental fortitude.

Work-Life Integration: Discover strategies for harmonizing professional goals with personal life, fostering a holistic approach that nurtures both career advancement and individual well-being.

Cultivating Resilience: Develop skills to bounce back from setbacks, challenges, and high-pressure situations, fostering resilience and maintaining a positive mindset in the face of adversity.

Measuring Success Holistically: Rethink traditional measures of success and develop a more holistic perspective that considers not only professional achievements but also personal fulfillment and overall life satisfaction.

Caitlyn Gill - Workday

La’Vista’s session was spot on and perfectly curated to the content we were hoping for. La’Vista gave space for questions and feedback and made the session interactive for the audience–great work! La’Vista took time to understand individual thoughts and feelings around creating white space and the struggles we face in doing that. As a former executive herself, La’Vista’s framework for doing the work we love while making space to be creative in what we do was perfect for our group. The Women at Workday appreciate you! Great Session! Thank you for the tips on balance, so timely! La'Vista did an excellent job and we would love to have her come back for another session.
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