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La'Vista Jones

As a corporate dropout, turned entrepreneur La’Vista is committed to helping passionate corporate leaders and entrepreneurs do the work they love, without sacrificing themselves to do it.


La’Vista is an engaging speaker with a proven delivery that combines humor, vulnerability and resonate storytelling to challenge her audiences to redefine what it means to have it all and live life on their own terms.


She has spoken to a range of private, corporate and podcast audiences, from intimate to large media markets, both virtually and in person including ABC’s Sonoran Living, Zip Recruiter, Arizona State University and Pearson.

La'Vista uses her voice to help bring order to the unchecked professional and personal overwhelm that far too often leads to burnout, resentment and feeling suffocate in life.

La'Vista is available for Guest Podcasting, Media Segments, Keynotes and Workshops.

Featured Keynote and Workshop Topics:

  • Sustainable Success: Balancing High Performance and Wellbeing Click HERE to learn more.  

  • Thriving Under Pressure: Strategies for Reducing Stress in the Workplace Click HERE to learn more. 

Busyness, overwhelm and exhaustion are not business goals - yet so many entrepreneurs work as though those conditions are an inevitable part of success. On the BOSS™ Talk podcast, host La’Vista Jones illuminates her signature BOSS™ framework of Battling Overwhelm with Systems and Self-Care to assist marketplace leaders in building businesses that nourish them instead of ones that deplete them and lead to burnout. This podcast features candid guest interviews, practical strategies and disruptive points of view that will challenge you to do the work you love, without sacrificing yourself to do it.

Mel Shipman

La'Vista shared her personal story of how she came to make self care a main priority as well as a simplified and refreshing way to look at what self care really is. It was absolutely spot on for what I wanted my audience to hear! My audience felt the information was super helpful! There were some major realizations about having the wrong definition of self care - no wonder we aren't able to keep it up! I absolutely NEED La'Vista to come back and share more of her genius! She is an outstanding storyteller and strategist!

Keiona Eady - New Geechee Podcast

The New Geechee podcast truly represents our generation's stories and the lessons learned along the way. La’Vista’s story epitomizes that pursuit and she was truly a transparent, compassionate, and trusted guest willing to share of herself freely. La’Vista spoke boldly about the cause, effect, and solutions associated with a burnout experience, a topic not often talked about as a full-circle experience, but many listeners may have experienced. La’Vista gave great tips about how to live a "non-busy" life, most useful in our no sleep culture. La’Vista’s storytelling about her childhood, college life, and adulthood allowed the audience to find a piece of themselves in her story. La’Vista effectively shared her tips about how to maximize systems and self-care to business owners; diving deep into examples and changing the way they understand a business owner should function and the results on their quality of life and business success.

Rebecca Mobley - WISE Arizona

La’Vista’s organization of her presentation and professionalism were great. I appreciate the “real” moments and personal stories. I LOVED the part where La’Vista called out everyone to get on camera - that definitely increased engagement. Many people within the organization said the “who said that” story resonated with them. They also appreciated the reframing of the chase of real and not perfection that La’Vista talked about. And they walked away with practical tips for shutting off work when working from home. I think this was a great presentation. The content was topical and pertinent to our current climate. I would be open to utilizing La’Vista as a speaker in the future.

Lexi Leigh - Peace of Me Podcast

What La’Vista provided during our recording absolutely reflects the theme of my show–self-care, prioritizing mental health and more. I enjoyed that La’Vista shared that she loved her job when she experienced burnout–I think listeners will realize that you can get burnt out from the things you enjoy! I also think that La’Vista showing the listeners how to tap into their love language is a great piece of clarity for self-care. La’Vista talked about doing the things that actually resonate with your needs and not just the things you're "supposed to do" – this will help people.

Malcolm Morgan - My Space Podcast

La’Vista met my expectations as a guest exactly. She did a great job of expanding on things from her story and her book. La'Vista is clearly a subject matter expert when it comes to systems and self-care for business owners. I couldn't be happier with having her be on our show. I think hearing that self-care is about finding rhythms that work for you, not just duplicating what they see others doing is a point that La’Vista shared that will resonate with our listeners – in addition to reminding people that it's okay to ask for help. During our interview, La’Vista encouraged business owners to not sacrifice their health in order to reach their goals. Our audience is full of creatives and entrepreneurs and these are vital lessons for everyone. La'Vista is well versed in her field and her book is a must read for not just business owners but for everyone. We all need healthy rhythms of self-care to be able to last.

Elle Ballard - Women Of The World Network

I truly enjoyed hearing La'Vista's passions on burnout, not adhering to what culture or anyone else tells you to do. I think it is important to hear and have awareness on busyness and burnout for busy women.

Timothy Revel - The REVELSations Podcast

The interview with La’Vista exceeded my expectations. The realness and vulnerability that La’Vista shared with was awesome and I think it's going to help those who listen to our episode! The stories La’Vista shared about her friend who passed away due to being overworked, and about her own bout with burnout, in addition to how systems can work for you will resonate with listeners. I think La’Vista would be a great guess on multiple platforms–her knowledge coupled with her humility and personality all blend into a perfect podcast guest.

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