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Coaching & Consulting

Shift Session

During a Shift Session we will meet for a 1 hour, virtual working session to acknowledge and strategize through one of your most overwhelming challenges.


Make a shift from chaos to action. 

This session is perfect for:

  • Identifying non-essential tasks to eliminate within your day-to-day routine

  • Recognizing the inefficiencies in a workflow and what to streamline first

  • Exploring technology to automate repetitive tasks and reclaim your time

Investment: $300

Investment: $300

Dr. Erika Brown

Transformational Life Coach

La'Vista was the answer to my prayers. In fact, she was the resource I didn't even know I needed. After spending hours researching, watching tutorials, and playing around with my CRM I was ready to throw in the towel. But after one call with La'Vista things changed dramatically.


La'Vista was able to help me get my entire workflow setup in less than an hour. And the best part - it made sense!! She was patient with me and helped me streamline my system even more. 


Thanks to her assistance, I now spend less time with emails and release forms. Instead I have more hours to spend on things that matter.

Erica Glaze

Health & Childbirth Educator

La'Vista is AMAZING! 

Thanks to this systems expert, I have a process mapped out for a new service AND it was all accomplished in a one hour zoom meeting. 

Hire an expert! #believeinyourself #investinyourdreams

Shaheen Siddiqui

Physical Therapist

La'Vista has been a lifesaver for me!! As a business owner, trying to do everything on my own was overwhelming. Now that I have La'Vista helping me stay on track and putting systems into place for my business, it's like a huge weight has been lifted!


She is so knowledgable, organized, and amazing at what she does! Thank you so much La'Vista!!

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