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Breathe Lungs

Are you tired of feeling suffocated in your own life?


You feel weighed down and no matter what you do, you seem to carry a chaotic heaviness with you. And exploring the delicate balance between excelling at work without sacrificing your wellbeing is hard to do, especially on your own. Why tho? Because navigating professional and personal stress, exhaustion, burnout, unmet expectations and even the grief of life while in pursuit of that balance, creates a tangible emotional weight that takes our literal breath away. 

So let’s start breathing again.


Breathe is an 8-week,  virtual group coaching experience designed to help you create the necessary room to breathe in your personal and professional life by reimagining success and infusing self-care practices, boundaries and resilience into the way you live.

Breathe is not just another coaching program tho—it's a holistic approach to personal and professional development that prioritizes your well-being while shifting your engagement with work and living life on your own terms. In other words, it’s time to adopt healthier ways to get shit done, without burning yourself out in the process.

Enrollment in Breathe is ideal for corporate leaders and entrepreneurs wanting to:

  • Reduce stress and overfunctioning

  • Increase white space in their calendars

  • Model boundaries for themselves and others

  • Protect themselves from resenting their work 

  • Proactively prevent burnout 

  • Develop tools for practicing self-care 

  • Immerse themselves in a supportive community

The Breathe experience is led by La’Vista Jones, CLBC a corporate dropout, turned author, speaker and coach with a disruptive message who understands the unique challenges faced by corporate and entrepreneurial women.


Breathe offers interactive coaching sessions, group discussions, self-reflective exercises and practical strategies delivered in a pro-vulnerable, virtual setting. Participants of Breathe will gain the tools, insights and community needed to challenge societal expectations, embrace their intrinsic worth, and foster greater fulfillment and empowerment in their lives.

  • Acknowledge that you are already worthy just as you are. Embrace your inherent value, independent of external validation based on productivity. 

  • Stop shoulding on yourself and be okay wanting what you want. Define success on your own terms, aligning with your values and aspirations.

  • Avoid doing self-care in harmful ways by doing it ‘their’ way. Identify self-care practices that prioritize your unique mental, emotional and physical well-being.

  • Recognize and effectively communicate what you need to partners, bosses and friends. Set healthy boundaries that protect your personal time, energy and agency.

  • Create safeguards for yourself when life has hands and wants to go 9 rounds. Learn to cultivate resilience to navigate challenges and setbacks with grace.

  • Connect with a supportive community of like-minded women. Foster meaningful connections and networking to support your growth and success.

  • Clap for your damn self. Develop celebration rituals to acknowledge progress towards implementing balance.

This coaching program is

designed to help you:

  • (8) Virtual 90-Minute Coaching Sessions: Participate in group coaching sessions focused on your personal and professional needs and aspirations.

  • Guided Reflection: Engage in reflective prompts to explore internalized beliefs and cultivate necessary mindset and behavioral shifts.

  • Group Discussions & Role-Playing: Explore shared experiences and insights and practice boundary-setting and self-compassion modeling. 

  • Practical Strategies: Adopt proven techniques and strategies to enhance self-awareness, burnout prevention and integrate work-life balance.

  • Supportive Community: Connect with an intimate community of other professional women to set goals, track progress and stay accountable to your aspirations.

Program Investment: 


You'll experience:

What you'll experience:

Investment: $1,800

Session 1: Reclaiming Worth: Redefining Value Beyond Productivity


Session 2: Aligning Success: Defining Your Path to Fulfillment


Session 3: Radiant Self-Care: Nurturing Your Well Being 


Session 4: Flourish: Cultivating Self-Care Habits and Embracing Everyday Joy


Session 5: Boundaries & Balance: Establishing Healthy Limits


Session 6: Resilience: Navigating Challenges with Grace


Session 7: Building Bridges: Cultivating a Supportive Network


Session 8: Celebrate HER: Honoring Achievements and Balancing Well-Being

The next cohort starts on May 7th,  2024 and ends on June 25th, 2024.

During each cohort, the coaching sessions take place every Tuesday at 10am (AZ time) / 12:00p (EST) via ZOOM.

Program Sessions

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