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Do work you love, without

sacrificing yourself to do it. 

Do you want more ease and automation in the way you live and work?

Are you feeling suffocated in your own life and need a moment to breathe?

Need a speaker that focuses on self-care, boundaries and building resilience?

Hey, I'm La'Vista
I am on a personal mission to equip leaders and entrepreneurs to disrupt the hustle and bring balance to their ambition and wellbeing by leveraging systems and self-care. I have spent my entire entrepreneurial career helping visionaries bring order to the unchecked overwhelm that far too often leads to burnout, resentment and feeling suffocated in their own life.
My work is anchored in implementing what I refers to as BOSS™ shifts - my signature framework that focuses on battling overwhelm with systems and self-care.

B: Prepare for Battle - Resist the expectation of being overworked as the only path for success.

O: Call out Overwhelm - Acknowledge the suffocating weight of the overwhelm you’re currently dealing with.

S: Optimize Systems - Leverage efficient and automated systems to do the heavy lifting in your life and business. 

S: Practice Self-Care - Engage in deeply resonate, self-care rituals that nurture your soul.

Busyness, overwhelm and exhaustion are not business goals - yet so many entrepreneurs work as though those conditions are an inevitable part of success. On the BOSS™ Talk podcast, host La’Vista Jones illuminates her signature BOSS™ framework of Battling Overwhelm with Systems and Self-Care to assist marketplace leaders in building businesses that nourish them instead of ones that deplete them and lead to burnout. This podcast features candid guest interviews, practical strategies and disruptive points of view that will challenge you to do the work you love, without sacrificing yourself to do it.

The BOSS™ Shift

This book is written for those who are ready to make a shift towards living life on their own terms because they are no longer willing to sacrifice themselves in pursuit of the work they love doing.

The BOSS™ Shift is more than just a book. It is an entire movement designed to challenge our engagement with work, time and rest. 

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